Registration will only be completed after direct payment.

When registration form is complete on the VTDL site, you will automaticly go to the payment module.No payment is no registration!

Unlicensed athletes need to sign up for a day license at the VTDL site: click here. Unlicensed athletes can find all the info they needed at this site.

Registation opens at March 1 2015 for athletes licensed by VTDL and residents off Ieper (postcodes 8900,8902,8904,8906,8908).


Football Stadium KVK Ieper, Jamie Picanollaan 1, 8900 Ieper

Registration conditions:

Minimum age off 18 in 2016 (Born in 1998).

There will be a withdrawal of registration fees until June 31 2016.

There will be no refund from Juli 1 2016. Athletes who cancel their registration by prove off a medical certificate will get free registration in 2017.

Cancellation after September 2016 is not possible anymore.





Max participants : 500

Licensed : 40,-

Unlicensed : 55,-


Relay Teams

Max participants : 75

Licensed : 85,-

Unlicensed : 100,-