Sportics In Flanders Field Triathlon 2017

1km Swim - 40km Bike - 10 km Run (Non drafting race)
Individual and Relay teams.
3500 Price money (Men overall, Woman overall, HU23,H24, H40).
There will be a prize for every participant.
Number of participants: 600 individual
100 relay: 1 swimmer - 1 cyclist - 1 runner.

Welcome and finish

Parking Fenix Ieper Leopold III-laan 16, 8900 Ieper.

Sign up

Saturday September 16 (18:00 - 20:00).
Sunday September 17 (11:30 - 13:00.
Adress: Leopold III-laan 16, 8900.Ypres.

No day registration possible!
The organisation reserves the right to refuse participants.
Athletes will be expected to have knowledge off the course and race rules off the VTDL. Rules can be found at


Race number
Licence VTDL
Identity card
Envelope contains the following items:
A personalized race number
Labels for bike and helmet
Wristband for friend or family to pick up your bike at transition area
Swim cap

Bike Check-In

Between 12h30 and 13h45 (ALL athletes!)
! Attention: Transition area can not be reached by car!


Swim course:

Bike course:

Run course (3 laps):

Necessary for Swimming

Wetsuit allowed when water temp is < 23C (all passed editions water was below 23C).
Race suit
Swim cap off the organization
Swim glasses
(old) shoes to walk to the start (+/- 250m)

Athletes can go into the water just before start sign is given. Swimming is without race number, but with championchip.
The Sportics Triathlon Ieper-In Flanders Fields- will have a "Rolling Swim Start" in 2017.
This method of start has been introduced into several IRONMAN events across the globe with positive feedback and outcomes.

What is a rolling start?

Athletes are set off in one continuous line for the swim start. It will take approximately 15 minutes to get the entire field across the swim start line.

In effect, this will create a "time trial" dynamic for the race and for the determination of the final results.
Each athlete's individual race time will start when they cross the swim start timing mat, under the swim start arch.

How does a rolling start work?

The (on-shore) pre-swim start area will be divided into starting zones based on an athlete's predicted swim time for the 1km course. Athletes will self-seed into one of six possible swim zones based on how long they think they will take to finish the swim.

The Under 14-minute swim group will set off into the water first. The zone itself becomes a first-come, first-served affair. If you are in the seeding zone early, you get to line up at the front of that particular zone. Keep in mind that athletes will be setting off in very small batches every few seconds, so the earlier you are there, the more likely you are to have a shorter waiting period once the rolling starts begin. Not that it impacts your overall time - your swim time will only start once you reach the timing mat to enter the water, so waiting will just affect your nerves, not your overall time.


Remember where you put your bike in transition area!
Relay teams need to pass their champion chip and race number in transition area.
Park your bike in an orderly way.
Transition area will be guarded until 19h.
Necessary: race number or supervisors wristband

Necessary for Cycling

Bike in perfect condition and labelled
Cycling shoes and helmet (labelled)
Running shoes
Personalized race number

Non Drafting

Draft zone of a bicycle is a rectangle 10m long and 3m wide, (front wheel to front wheel).

Non Blocking

Athletes should ride on the right side off the road and may not cause any 'blocking' situation at all. There is talk of blocking when athletes can not pass through in regulatory way by wrong position off other athletes.


You will find a drop zone at the bike course, use it to throw away your empty packaging off energy gels and bars. Athletes will get a yellow card when they do not use the drop zone!

Running 10km (3 LAPS)

Each lap you receive a wristband to count your laps, after 3 laps you can proceed to the finish. During the running track 3 supplies are provided.


Recuperation drink will be offered by High 5 at the finish line.
There is possibility to take a shower at the changing rooms in the football stadium, near the finish.
The transition area is guarded until 19h.

Award ceremony

Award ceremony will take place at 18h near by the finish.



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